On this page, you will find links to resources for music fundamentals as well as other, related projects. We will be updating this page based on user feedback.

Music Reading Fundamentals

These lessons will give you the basics for what you need to start reading music.

Lesson 1 – Notes and Clefs

Lesson 2 – Note Durations

Lesson 3 – Measures and Time Signatures

Lesson 4 – Rests

Lesson 5 – Dotted Notes and Ties

Other Resources

Drs. Tom Gordon and David Buley are the co-ordinators for the Community Music Literacy in Coastal Labrador. The project website contains many excellent resources, including a YouTube playlist that provides keyboard instruction.

The Moravian Music Foundation maintains a useful Tools for Musicians and Worship Leaders page. There is a lot of useful material there on anthems, in particular.

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