This space is devoted to supporting the Labrador Moravian Inuit brass and wind tradition. Here you will find instructional resources, music, and history about brass and wind playing in northern Labrador. If you would like to contact us directly, please email us.


Between 2013 and 2015 the Tittulautet Nunatsiavuttini – Nunatsiavut Brass Band Workshop provided in-person instruction to brass players in Nain, Hopedale and Makkovik. This new workshop builds on that project and is aimed at using distance technology to provide players with the tools they need to support the Labrador Inuit Moravian brass and wind tradition.

Historically, the Labrador Inuit Moravian brass and wind tradition was made possible through immersion in a broader Labrador Inuit Moravian musical culture. We recognize that it is difficult to replicate those conditions today, but with new tools it is possible to achieve similar results. Our objective into help participants develop skills to ensure they are directing further transmission of the tradition.



This site provides open-access to repertoire, technical resources and community histories. We are also providing web-based instruction. To learn more about how to get involved, visit the Participate page.

We are grateful to everyone that has made this workshop possible, particularly the sponsors of the 2013-15 workshop: the International Grenfell Association and Nunatsiavut Government. If you would like to assist us in delivering and developing the workshop, please contact us through the Supporters page.